families receive aid from us monthly
tons of food are distributed monthly
baskets of food are delivered before holidays
Our Logistic Center is 565 square meters of pure charity.

Our truck distributes thousands of tons of food for those who are in need!

The Beit Lechem Yehuda charity organization, which deals with food rescue, urgently needs an additional refrigerated truck for the purpose of transporting food intended for distribution to the needy. The truck delivers tens of tons of food every day to hungry children and thousands of families in distress.

All the activity and use of the truck will be dedicated to “aliyah laneshama” in memory of your loved one!

The memorial dedication will display the names of your loved ones and be placed in a prominent place above the truck.

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We are the Beit Lechem Yehuda organization, which provides assistance to those in need in Israel. We help a wide spectrum of Israeli society in their daily lives
However, in this challenging and critical time that has befallen Israel, we need assistance more than ever. Unfortunately, most of the resources are directed towards other urgent needs, leaving hungry people in Israel hungry.
In times of this harsh conflict, their plight becomes even more acute. We are requesting your collaboration to join us in making a donation so that we can provide aid to those who are hungry. In Israel, there are children who go to bed with empty stomachs because they lack the means.