The Volunteer Squad:

meet the power of the people in our organization. They make the “wheels of charity” go round.

The Human Assets of the Organization

“Angels on the Road”

When we set up the organization, which started as a small neighborhood operation, the first volunteer was a neighbor from the block in front of us. On his battered vehicle, we loaded cartons with loaves of bread that smelled intoxicating, mixed with the smell of the lemon-scented car air freshener that somehow gave the feeling of something exciting in the air.


A few months later, we purchased a cheap trailer, which we attached to the neighbor’s car, the only one we knew that had a towing hook and some free time.


When our organization grew a little more, the first van we bought was driven by several volunteers, moms and dads of little children, who had just returned from a grueling day at work yet insisted on doing some good deeds before ending their day.


Over the years, the charity operation expanded, and we have been able to find a spacious logistics center. Along with the huge trucks and forklifts that unloaded hundreds of tons of fresh goods, fruits and vegetables alongside pastries and dairy products, food products and preserves, cleaning materials and more – the volunteers were always there by our side to Support us and help with every step of the way.


Without our volunteers, we could not have gotten where we are today. They are our power. They are the ones who got the wheels of grace going, and gave us the ability to move forward, and help ten thousand families (the numbers are growing all the time!) – every week.


If you too want to take part in our family of grace, if you are teachers or educators who want to instill the meaning of compassion in your students, or parents who want to teach their children the true meaning of giving – you are welcome to our logistics center!

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